Get involved


The ICG Foundation accepts online donations (via GoFundMe), CAF vouchers, cheques and cash. Donations can also be paid direct into our Bank Account at Any NatWest Branch. Please send us a copy of the paying in slip, with a note stating your name, address and the source of the donation. All money raised by this community goes to the Foundation's chosen charities. If you’d like to assist by making a donation, you can click here 

Amazon Smile

Did you know that Amazon has an alternate platform, exactly like regular Amazon, but when you put through a purchase, Amazon will add a percentage of that transaction to a listed charity of your choice? Next time you buy something on Amazon, please use this Amazon Smile link and please choose ICG Foundation as your chosen charity.

Christmas Wishlist

Every year, in addition to the regular collection of funding for the ICG Foundation, we also make a separate effort in the build-up to Christmas to fulfil that year’s Christmas Wishlist for the children of the Udayan Care Home in New Delhi, India. This list is created by these underprivileged, yet wonderful children for things that they would like for Christmas. If you would like to find out how you can contribute to this year’s list, please email us here 

Work Experience

We do our utmost to help the underprivileged children of the Udayan Care Home that are supported under the ICG Foundation. However, what will these children do with their lives when they come of age and leave the care home? Each year, we offer a handful of the older children the opportunity to come into our ICG Medical office, just outside of New Delhi, for work experience. Here they can learn various office-based skills and some to even take up full time positions with the business. If you’d like to learn more about our work experience with the business, reach out to us here